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Over the past decade has secretly become the world's wealthiest company thanks to our flagship software and sale of exclusive superhuman knowledge on wealth creation to private individuals and Goverments, our CEO operates under the status of a "sole-trader" therefore we don't have to make our profits public (see our company profile further down this page for proof and accolades including world wide press coverage). In our "superhuman" wealth creation package we share the secrets to our vast accumalation of wealth, this knowledge can make you multi-millions of dollars even billions of dollars in a extremely short time.


  • A white paper on Amazon stock price prediction: a highly accurate way to predict which way Amazon stock will will move by accurately predicting upcoming quarterly results. Requires a budget of approx $6000. Is highly technical but the work can be easily outsourced
  • A whitepaper on a groundbreaking superhuman fast method to make multi-millions of dollars in under a few weeks
  • Super ROI pharmaceutical stock selection: the identify of a pharmaceutical firm that publicly trading at circa $10 a share. This company have developed and patented the most significant beauty product in history that an entire industry is built on the product has so much demand people put their lives at risk to use illegal and highly dangerous blackmarket manufactured versions of the product. The product is very close to full approval in most key markets including the USA and the EU. DoneSmart estimate there share price on will reach at least $250 per share following their world-wide release of their product
  • The email addresses of over four thousand tech startups - very lucrative pitch B2B services to
  • The email addresses of 647 Venture Capitalists
  • 0.8million investor email list - a list of 0.8million email addresses of investors
  • A white paper on numerous highly sophisticated techniques on how to gain virtually anybody's email address including billionaires, world leaders and CEOs
  • The identification of the most poweful "force" in the world according to the DoneSmart leader and details on how just like the DoneSmart leader you can leverage this force for super-massive financial and political gains
  • A database of over 3800 highly influential journalists email addresses
  • Mass website contact software: software that can mass contacts millions of websites by autofilling their contact forms (only works if they don't have a captcha) if they don't have a contact form any email addresses on their website will be extracted. These website can be mass targeted based on search terms
  • Gain immense lucrative press coverage: a simple social engineering technique that DoneSmart utilized to gain mass media coverage including BBC News, CNN, CBS, CNET and dozens of the most popular websites in the world
  • White paper on brainwashing technique: a scientifically proven and highly effective brainwash technique capable of implanting ideas in a targets head. Can be used to secure business deals, loans and investments, political gains, and to brainwash Law Enforcement, Judges and Juries
  • 0.3% of company shares in DoneSmart when we have our IPO circa 2021
  • White paper on the most key attributes that VCs use to decide a company is worthy of investment, this data is based on mass survey of VCs conducted by DoneSmart.
  • DoneSmart are developing a cryptocurrency that will launch in 2021 or earlier. We will give you 100 DoneSmart coins of a max of a million coins issued on launch of the currency. The cryptocurrency implementation we have already devised is far more efficient, secure, private, and user-friendly than Bitcoin.
  • The identify of one of the most well kept secret (in the terms of how lucrative it is) tech industry niches that has created thousands of millionaires virtually all operating on their own usually from home and require only a few weeks worth of work. We have included a simple business plan combined with some creativity and DoneSmart world media coverage gathering social engineering technique can create a multi-million dollar business in a matter of weeks. The work involved in building the business can outsourced for a mere few thousand dollars

Make the most lucrative investment of your life by purchasing this package and you can expect to earn multi-millions of extra dollars or even billions of extra dollars in extremely short time, this isn't a satire or a con this is superhuman exclusive knowledge worth every cent and more; read our company profile below for indication of DoneSmart's wealth, power and acclaim.




You don't need a PayPal account they accept credit/debit card payments as well



I am founder of the makers of one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of patent protected software in the world, namely SiteLauncher. See coverage on BBC News, CBS News, The world's most influential tech news site, CNET (SiteLauncher featured on 3 different locations on site), HuffPost (an AOL property) - CNN and RT also covered SiteLauncher but there is no webpage archive of this coverage - SiteLauncher has also been covered hundreds of the worlds most popular and influential websites and blogs (this can be confirmed with simple Google search of the SiteLauncher name). Ignore the download figures published on the Google Chrome website as they don't count the billions of downloads distributed by our main distribution channel the website, SiteLauncher has more users than Facebook.

I am in high up tech circles considered the worlds greatest programmer, my domain is considered by many to be the most powerful brand and company name/slogan in the world, the slogan "done smart" has been hijacked by dozens of companies and the press, the term "done smart" has also been used at least 7 different times by the US Government including in Congress; NY Times usage, Washington Post usage, FOX subsidiary usage, Huffington Post usage, Fortune Magazine usage, US GOV usage #1, US GOV usage #2, US Gov usage #3, US GOV usage #4, US GOV usage #5, US GOV usage #6, US Congress usage. Due to my unrivaled skills in a wide range of disciplines I have been compared the the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's prophesied "superhuman."

I secretly amassed a net worth that makes me the worlds most wealthiest individual (I operate as sole-trader that's why you haven't seen me on the Forbes Rich List) , my software is only a minor part of my business, my main business model is selling white papers on extreme wealth creation strategies all of which I devised, I sell these white papers to billionaires and Governments.

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