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Enterprise level static-site CMS software

By far the best CMS I've ever used
Ed Smith
Super fast and easy to it's easy to add new pages
Charlotte Taylor
It truly is an enterprise quality CMS it continues to leave me impressed
Tom Morrison
An enterprise quality CMS - don't settle for a low quality solution
CMS that's easy to manage and produces static pages perfect for high traffic websites
Easy feature "pick and mix" pricing - pay only for the features you want
Includes form builder and landing page generator
No database use for ultra-fast and highly secure pages
Dozens of killer features to choose from
Responsive and beautiful out-of-the-box design
SEO optimized pages and SEO friendly URLs
Coded to a super high standard in easy to edit PHP, XHTML, CSS and Javscript
Friendly after support - we will help you with any setup and maintenance difficulties for the first 6 months
License includes right to host unlimited websites using our CMS

Do you require a enterprise quality CMS that serves purely static pages - becuase static pages are ultra-fast and secure - whilst still being easy to update, then the DoneSmart CMS is for you. Our CMS is highly modular - you pick and pay for only the features you want. If you want an example of a website using our CMS; you're on one right now, relies on our own CMS to serve millions of impressions a month at breakneck speed and with the security only database free static pages can deliver.

Order form

Fill in our live order form to generate a instant quote and checkout button - no waiting for a callback - and then you can relax and wait for your CMS to be delivered

Feature checklist - select which features you want included in your CMS

Simply check the boxes of the features you want and your cart will be updated with the new price quote ready for you to order straight away

An easy to use landing page generator - add $100
An easy to use form builder - add $100
A dynamic drop-down mega menu - add $50
A fully featured blog - add $100
RSS feed for your blog posts - add $50
RSS feed to Twitter (auto-tweet) - add $50
Newsletter signup form and delivery backend - add $75
An automatic sitemap generator - add $75
Ecommerce integration (utilizing open source shopping cart software, none-static) - add $100
Email newsletter signup popup triggered by specific page scroll percentage - add $50
Email newsletter signup popup triggered by interval - add $50
A responsive slider (slideshow) populated with static content - add $50
A responsive slider (slideshow) populated with latest blog posts - add $50
A basic membership system with email/password login - add $50
A more advanced membership system that includes option of premium paid accounts and Facebook and Twitter login - add $95
Threaded user comments on blog post pages (requires you select one of the membership features also) - add $60
A simple AJAX powered contact form - add $20
A live Twitter stream of any account or search term - add $100
A live Facebook stream of any account or Facebook page - add $100
A live LinkedIn stream of any account - add $100
Custom branded (Bing powered) site-wide website search (with autocomplete) - add $75
A Facebook content locker (like) - a feature that locks down content until the user likes a specific Facebook page - add $50
A Facebook content locker (post) - a feature that locks down content until the user creates a Facebook post linking to your website - add $50
A Twitter content locker - a feature that locks down content until the user tweets a message with your URL included - add $50
Gmail contact list content locker - a feature that locks down content until the user shares their Gmail contact list to send out "refer a friend" emails to - add $50

Payments are made via PayPal - you don't require a PayPal account to order because PayPal provides an option to make a one-off credit/debit card payment without creating an account.

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