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SEO Audit Script

A comprehensive high-quality SEO Audit script - attract visitors by offering your own SEO Audit tool on your website. Easy to install on your sever with no API keys or database required. Save money by picking which metrics you want included in your version of the script and don't pay for metrics you don't want to include.

Order form

Fill in our live order form to generate a instant quote and checkout button - no waiting for a callback - and then you can relax and wait for your script to be delivered

Feature checklist - select which features you want included in your SEO Audit script

Simply check the boxes of the features you want and your cart will be updated with the new price quote ready for you to order straight away

Alexa rank for URL - add $2
Report of top 100 newest backlinks for URL (only supports Western domains) - add $3
Report of the 100 top backlinks for URL (only supports Western domains) - add $3
Top referrers - a report of the websites referring most traffic to the URL - add $3
Keyword density - a report of the most common words and phrases on a page and their respective weight (frequency percentage) - add $2
Keyword research - report displaying estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for user inputted keywords - add $4
Domain Authority of URL (Moz metric) - add $2
Page Authority of URL (Moz metric) - add $2
Google PageRank of URL - add $2
Website speed test with recommandations on how to improve speed - add $3
Mobile support test - report on if or not URL is likely to be considered mobile friendly by Google - add $3
Meta tag data - a report of meta tag data - add $2
Competitors - a report of competing websites for a selected keyword - add $3
Facebook shares - report of number of Facebook shares for a URL - add $2
Tweet count - report of number of tweets pointing to URL - add $2
LinkedIn shares - report of number of LinkedIn shares for a URL - add $2
Google+ shares - report of number of Google+ shares for a URL - add $2
Pinterest post count - report of number posts pointing to URL - add $2
Indexed page count - the number of indexed pages in Google for a domain - add $3

Payments are made via PayPal - you don't require a PayPal account to order because PayPal provides an option to make a one-off credit/debit card payment without creating an account.

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