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High-quality and affordable browser extension development and promotion service

Thank you so much I love the extension, it's perfect and extra thanks for the blog exposure especially Techcrunch!
Shirley Jones
The extension was mas to a very high standard and I recieved tons of blog coverage. Downloads have already hit 50,000
Josh Burns
I made over $20,000 in the first 2 months thanks to this service and advice I received
David Thomas
High quality browser extension development
Join a hugely lucrative market
If you can imagine an extension, we can create it
We'll perform free blogger/press outreach of your extension
We'll create you an effective landing page for your extension
We'll design you a high quality infographic to promote your extension on social media
We'll design high quality promo grahpics/banners for you to utilize for marketing
We'll share our trade secrets from 10 years experience on how to best promote and monetize extensions
Fast turnaround - usually 5 weeks or less

Browser extensions are an killer addition to your business and can be super lucrative. Browser extensions are hugely popular and offer a way for users to modify the behavior of their browser and experience new features. Tech bloggers love browser extensions, and often write about them - making extensions a novel way to get exposure on popular blogs (meaning quality inbound links to boost your SEO efforts and tons of new direct traffic). As we've already stated, browser extensions are very lucrative (a trade secret among many top extension developers that don't want to generate new competitors, but DoneSmart gives it you straight). For instance, one extension (which you will not name because our competitors might read this page) that we have partial ownership in is currently making in excess of $600,000 a year (and we never spent a penny on marketing) - you could quite easily make as much (we're not kidding it's far easier than you think once you have a solid product) but even if you only made a fraction (say 10% - $60,000 a year) of the amount you'd still have roughly a 60 times return on investment in the first year (based on a $1000 extension budget) making ordering our extension development service a no-brainer if you want to bring in mega bucks.

If you order our extension development services, we'll do everything for you - we'll develop the extension to pristine perfection, package it and design a logo and promotional graphic assets (banners for the Chrome/Mozilla/etc stores and other sites), submit it to the Chrome/Mozilla/etc store (you can do this yourself if you prefer) and use our high quality press contact list to perform outreach and get you exposure and downloads. How much press exposure can you expect? Well take for instance our SiteLauncher extension, a relativly simple extension but we manaaged to secure coverage on TV (BBC Click) and key online publications: Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, CNET, we were also on the frontpage of Digg (back when Digg was at it's prime and popular). All you need is an idea for the extension you want made - and we'll do the rest. We'll also share our trade secrets on how to monetize your extensions for super massive returns on your investment. If that wasn't enough already, one of our highly-talented designers will produce for you a high quality infographic promoting the benefits and features of your extension - this infographic will be perfect for maximizing your chances for going viral on social media. And if that's still not enough, we'll produce a high quality landing/squeeze page with a video demo, product screenshots, press quotes, feature list, testimonials and more created by our content writing experts.

Order form

Fill in our live order form to generate a instant quote and checkout button - no waiting for a callback - and then you can relax and wait for the DoneSmart team to deliver your super high-quality and super money making new browser extension

Step 1. Select which browsers you would like your extension made for:

Google Chrome (base price: $600)
Mozilla Firefox (base price: $600)
Microsoft Edge (base price: $600)

Step 2. Feature checklist - select what features you want added to your extension

The feature types don't need to be exact, these feature types offer a broad outline for pricing purposes. Select the nearest feature types, and then you can specify the exact feature implementation you want in the notes section of this form (unless you want to leave it to us to be creative and we'll develop features based on the broad specifications)

Filter/search feature list:
[FREE] Social media feature locking (users share your extension on social media to unlock features)
[FREE] simple RSS reader - max 10 feed sources
[FREE] current weather based on location
[FREE] bookmarks and top site navigation (speed dial)
[FREE] autocomplete search box
Custom backgrounds for your extension - add $20
A simple todo list - add $20
Color picker - add $30
A digital clock - add $20
An analogue clock - add $30
A basic calendar - add notes to days - add $60
Website screenshot taker - add $30High demand
QR image generator - add $30
Add keyboard shortcuts to a website - add $50
History eraser - add $50
YouTube video auto replay - add $10High demand
Screen video recorder - add $150High demand
Allow user to customize font face, sizes, colors, margins, and other minor layout details of extension - add $40
Advanced RSS reader - unlimited feed sources, OPML import and export, star item or mark as read, browser notifications of new stories, keyboard navigation - add $500
Content Recommendations - article/news story discovery for users - $200Highly profitable niche
Facebook search capabilties (with autocomplete) - $200
Twitter search capabilties (with autocomplete) - $200
LinkedIn search capabilies (with autocomplete) - $200
YouTube search capababilities (with autocomplete) - $300
Facebook stream display and posting capabilies - add $500
Twitter stream display and posting capabilies - add $500
LinkedIn stream display and posting capabiltiies - add $500
Basic Gmail client (see and open latest emails) - add $400
Basic Yahoo mail client (see and open latest emails) - add $400
Web clipping and note taking capabilities - add $550
An advanced Calendar - notes, reminders with browser notifications, search calander reminders and notes, repeat reminders, Google Calendar sync - add $600
VPN feature - requires you provide VPN server(s) - add $100High demand
Mouse gestures - simple gestures, super drag, wheel gestures, rocker gestures - add $120
CSS gradient generator - add $30
Website theme changer - change font color, style, sizes and background color (1 fixed website. e.g. Facebook is a popular choice) - add $30High demand
Website theme changer (all websites) - change font color, style, sizes and background color - add $60High demand
HTTPS everywhere feature - add $20
CSS button generator - add $30
Countdown timer - add $10
Word/code replacement - replace any word/phrase/code-block on a webpage - add $10
Multiple word/code replacement - replace any number of word/phrase/code-block on a webpage - add $20
YouTube video downloader - add $40
Amazon product search - add $100Highly profitable niche
Ebay product search - add $100Highly profitable niche
Wordpress post feature - add $40
Wiki feature - add $40
Image crop feature - add $30
Text to speech feature - add $180
Image resize feature - add $30
Photo editor - features include layers, filters (sepia, sharpen, greyscale, etc), add text and shapes, rotate, crop, resize, round edges, multiple brush types, zooming and more - add $350
Domain availability lookup - add $20
Quote of the day - add $20
Bitly integration (shorten links with one click) - add $30
Basic calculator - add $35
Advanced bookmark manager - with sort by name or custom sort, bookmark search with autocomplete, most popular, bookmark category management, icons, bulk bookmark editor, sync between browsers, attach notes to bookmarks and keyboard navigation - add $500
Notifications from your website - add $50
7 day weather forecast - add $50
Emoji search and input feature - add $100High demand
Email address finder - add $50
CPU and RAM usage monitor - add $50
Custom search for any website - add $50
Proxy switcher - add $80
Eyedropper tool - add $50
Add Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn profiles to Gmail - add $40
Popup blocker - add $50
YouTube video ad blocker - add $60High demand
Sync data to cloud (one service, e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox) - add $100
Sync data to cloud (three services, e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox and MEGA) - add $150
Internet speed checker - add $35
Cryptocurrency price tracker with charts - add $100
Stock and commodity price tracker with charts - add $150
Ad replacer - replace 3rd party ads with your own ads - add $120Highly profitible niche
Currency converter - add $60
Price comparison - find lower priced merchants for a product - add $250Highly profitible niche
Website scraper (1 source) - pull custom data from a specific website - add $40
Website scraper (10 sources) - pull custom data from 10 specific websites - add $100
Website scraper (unlimited sources by using AI and broad matching logic) - pull custom data from multiple websites - add $150
Coupon discount finder - add $500Highly profitable niche
Toggle (on or off) browser history recording - add $30
Tabs save/restore feature - add $60High demand
Project manager - with deadlines, calendar, todo, note taking and web clipping - add $200
Custom Google powered search with own layout, ads and autocomplete - add $200Highly profitable niche
Consolidate tabs to one list feature - add $30
Webpage live CSS/XHTML/Javascript editor with syntax highlighting - add $180
Ad blocking feature - add $250High demand
Send SMS feature (requires 3rd party SMS service provider) - add $70
Image OCR feature (select and copy text in images) - add $400
Get social media metrics for website feature (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn) - add $100
Get SEO metrics for website feature (Google rank, indexed pages, domain authority, PageRank, inbound links) - add $100
Google SERP rank tracking with unlimited keywords, multiple charts, browser notifcations of SERP movements and export to CSV - add $500
Gmail based CRM - contact management, real-time reporting of sales trends, track sales activities, email tracking, auto-follow ups and automated workflows - add $650

Step 3. Custom features - add features not listed on the feature checklist above

Here you can add any feature(s) you can think of that aren't included in our feature checklist - your imagination is the only limit - and remember we'll always implement your feature(s) to the highest standard. Use your best judgement to decide if a feature is advanced or basic (if we determine you're wrong we will refund you the difference or send you an invoice for the remainder respectivly; we are flexible and if you aren't happy with our price rise you can opt for a full refund without any questions asked or alternatively you can choose to drop the feature and we'll refund you the money already paid for it)

Step 4. Feature notes (optional)

For the features you have outlined here you should enter any details of exact requirerements (if you leave a feature off we will implement it according to the most typical use case).

Step 5. Additional notes (optional)

Any additional notes or specifications you would like to give us.

Step 6. Apply shared-rights 30% discount?

We offer a 30% discount, with one catch: in return you agree to give us the the right to distribute the extension as well (under a different name and with different branding). You should only apply the 30% discount if you fully agree to this condition.

Apply 30% discount

Step 7. Enter your email address

Enter your primary email address so we know where to deliver progress reports and the end-product to. We will not use your email address for any other purpose other than correspondence about your extension.

Your email address:

Payments are made via PayPal - you don't require a PayPal account to order because PayPal provides an option to make a one-off credit/debit card payment without creating an account.

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