About DoneSmart

DoneSmart is an independent software house and publisher established in 2006 in England, Great Britain.

The DoneSmart Software Philosophy

We believe in creating software that is easy-to-use, fast, efficient, secure and non-intrusive.

Our design goals consist of:

  1. ★ Making the user experience simple and enjoyable
  2. ★ Helping the user get things done as quickly as possible
  3. ★ Maintaining and respecting user privacy

Commitment to Privacy

We are committed to respecting privacy; we will never collect private data unless our software needs to do so for core functionality reasons—and only then with the clear prior knowledge and consent of the user.

If and when we do serve advertising in our software; we are committed to doing so in only non-intrusive ways, with the prior knowledge and consent of the user, and only when we believe the advertising is likely to be relevant or helpful to the user.