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How To Dominate The Market For Any Niche

The Art of Marketing in order to dominate any niche

Be bold, surprise the customer and wake them out of their day-dream. Read Sun Tzu, The Art Of War - a Chinese military genius, his strategies and tactics have been applied in business through out the world. Start a revolution with words and imagery with your company at the forefront. Use the power of psychology to make people desire your product.

When the competition is weak, attack, when the competition is stronger, out smart them with pitch perfect marketing. Have a solid product or service behind your campaign. Change your product based on marketing and sales feedback if need be.

Take inspiration from the world around you; be it TV, film, music or the outdoors, whatever helps you think smarter and outside the box.

Be concise and clear-speaking; be respectful of the customer and her needs. Show how your product fills those needs. Demonstrate you are trust-worthy and honest, don't lie in marketing campaigns.

Make use of testimonials from customers and the press. Testimonials build trust and social proof.

Define your demographic; understand them, what drives them? Use psychology to make them fall in love with your brand. Make them love your brand so much it becomes part of their psyche so that insult to your brand would be like an insult to them.

Keep your marketing campaigns original and appeal to the customers' needs.

Re-pitch and re-tune the marketing when it's not working. Measure everything you can to optimize processes. Especially measure ROI. If marketing ROI is weak, break the mold, and start with a completely new marketing angle. Give new marketing campaigns enough time to flourish, but don't get attached to failed campaigns.

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