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30+ Ways to Monetize your Website or Blog

Isn't it time to boost the profits made from your website or blog? We countdown 32 effective ways to monetize (make money from) your website or blog:

  1. Add AdSense ads to your site
  2. Add InfoLinks ads to your site
  3. Accept donations by PayPal, you can create a PayPal donate button here
  4. Sign up for the Amazon Associates program and promote products related to your niche
  5. Sign up for the Ebay Partner Network program and promote products related to your niche
  6. Add ads to your site
  7. Search ClickBank for products related to your niche to promote
  8. Search Rakuten for products related to your niche to promote
  9. Search CJ for products related to your niche to promote
  10. Search "[my niche] affiliate" on Google to find affiliate programs related to your niche that you can promote
  11. Sell off outbound links on your website. A good place to sell links is the DigitalPoint Marketplace
  12. Write and sell an ebook related to your niche on your website
  13. Add Chitika ads to your site
  14. Search ShareASale for products related to your niche to promote
  15. Charge people to post guest posts to your blog
  16. Sell leads (i.e. contact details) to companies in your industry
  17. Use Shopify to add e-commerce to your site and sell your own products
  18. Charge extra for "premium" content
  19. Add a jobs board to your website and charge people to submit jobs. You can find a jobs board script here
  20. Offer consulting to businesses in your industry
  21. Sell private label rights products
  22. Host paid webinars - you can use for this purpose
  23. Have paid membership to "premium" parts of your website
  24. Add a Directory to your site featuring sites from your niche and charge for new submissions. You can find a directory script here
  25. Add ads to your RSS feed
  26. Setup a private forum with paid membership
  27. Sell adspace on your website at BuySellAds
  28. Setup your own affiliate program, you can use iDevAffiliate for this purpose
  29. Sign up for and serve Yahoo Contextual Ads on your site
  30. Sign up for and serve Smaato ads on your website
  31. Sign up for and serve Propel Media ads on your website
  32. Sign up for and serve Clicksor ads on your website

We hope you found this list of ways to monetize your website or blog useful. If you think we missed off any utterly-essential ideas please let us know. Please remember to share this list on social media, it only takes a second or two and it means a lot to us.

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