New Beta Release Moved to Friday

As some will know we planned to release a new Beta today. A few last minute hiccups means it has now been moved forward until Friday. The new version includes many new features and improvements, we hope you'll find it worth the wait!

Hey JR, Sorry for the late

Hey JR,

Sorry for the late response.

Glad you like SiteLauncher! Thank you for the feedback :)

The newly released Beta includes a option, under SiteLauncher -> Options -> Advanced Tweaks, to disable the menu item. You can get the Beta from

Please remove "Site Launcher" from menu bar! (or make optional)


First of all, great addon, and I really enjoy using it.

The only big annoyance for me is the big, wide, "Site Launcher" text across the menu bar that, from what I can tell, has no option for removal. I use a lot of toolbar buttons, and that drop down (which I would never use anyways) is a big space hog. If you could either remove it or make it optional, then for me this one becomes perfect.


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