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The Basics

Hotkey Defaults

  Windows Default Mac Default
Launcher Hotkey Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Alt
Direct To Site Hotkey Shift+Alt Shift+Ctrl

Launcher Hotkey - launching a site using the Launcher panel

Press the Launcher Hotkey (by default, Ctrl+Space in Windows, or Ctrl+Alt in Mac) to instantly bring forward the Launcher. The Launcher panel will present you with a list of your sites along with their associated keyboard keys, hit one of those keys to be transported to that site or hit Escape to cancel the Launcher.

(You don't need to keep the Launcher Hotkey held down whilst hitting a site's key.)

Direct to Site Hotkey - launching a site without using the Launcher panel

If you've already memorized the keyboard key associated with a given site, you can launch that site immediately without the aid of the Launcher panel with the single keyboard combination, [Direct to Site Hotkey]+[Key]. E.g. if you had your Direct to Site Hotkey set to shift+alt, and had the M key associated with GMail, shift+alt+m would immediately open Gmail.

There is no special reason why you should use the Direct to Hotkey method over the Launcher Hotkey, because the Launcher accepts input immediately when its hotkey is pressed, and because the Launcher accepts either the form [hotkey]+[site key] or [hotkey] (press but not hold down), [sitekey] there is no measurable response-time difference. You only heed to use the Direct to Site method if for some reason you prefer the Launcher not to pop-up.

Adding/removing/editing sites

Set the sites you wish to access via keyboard shortcuts by clicking Site Launcher -> Manage Shortcuts.

To add a site the click 'New' button, fill in the fields, then click 'Add shortcut'. The key you associate with a site can be just about any character you want including punctuation and international characters, you are not limited to just a-z and 0-9.

To edit a site's shortcut click its entry in the Site Keys list, and edit the newly populated input fields, then click 'Add shortcut'.

Changes are not actually saved until you click the OK button, if you click cancel any changes will not be applied. In line with convention Mac OSX is the exception to this rule.

Bookmark Shortcut this page...

You can quickly create a shortcut to whatever page you have open by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S or clicking SiteLauncher -> Shortcut This Page, you will then be prompted to enter the key and website title for your new shortcut.

Remember though, Site Launcher is not intended to completely replace bookmarks, bookmarks are still good for organizing large amounts of URLs you want to get back to someday, SiteLauncher is designed to give you a quick way to access sites you use everyday (give or take).

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