SiteLauncher Version 3.4.0 Released for Google Chrome

The latest version of SiteLauncher incorporates a new logo and toolbar button, extra options, visual improvements, bug fixes and code efficiency optimizations. Save even more time and get more convenience surfing the web with SiteLauncher for Chrome

[ Niccolo Macchiavelli, because he'd totally be smart enough to use SiteLauncher ]

SiteLauncher [as featured on BBC Click] for Chrome is better than ever with many loyal new and existing users spreading the word (and I thank you sincerely). SiteLauncher for Chrome can be downloaded here.

What's new in version 3.4.0

  1. ★ New logo and new toolbar button design
  2. ★ Visual Enhancements
  3. ★ Many small tweaks and other enhancements
  4. ★ Many code optimizations and bug fixes.

Get SiteLauncher for Chrome Now—It's free!

Get it now at Get SiteLauncher.

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