36 ways for startups to boost their productivity

Time is money and in the cut-throat world of Startups productivity levels can be the difference between success and failure. With that in mind, we run down 36 ways for you and your team to boost productivity giving your more time to work on your startup's next killer feature.

  1. Save loads of time by outsourcing your SEO to RankPay a popular SEO service that only charge you when they get results.
  2. Streamline your SEO process by using a tool like SEMRush to quickly discover profitable keywords and automatically track your SERPs.
  3. Save loads of time by outsourcing your design jobs to Design Contest where professional designers compete for your business.
  4. Install SiteLauncher so you can organize quick access to all your web-apps in one place.
  5. When you're looking for a Startup Tool for a specific job, save time by going to our categorized 900+ startup tools resource list: Startup Tools.
  6. Save loads of time by avoiding coding and instead using high quality ready made scripts (available for nearly every purpose) from CodeCanyon.
  7. Keep up-to-date with the latest startup news without leaving your new tab page with the Startuphack New Tab Page Chrome Extension which displays links to the latest posts from Startuphack, Techcrunch, Hackernews and ProductHunt on your new tab page.
  8. Save loads of time by avoiding design work and instead using ready made assets from the DesignShock package - the "biggest bundle/subscription you can find in one place" including icons, avatars, graphic elements, GUI packs, design sets and both web and print templates.
  9. Block distracting websites that waste time (such as Facebook) using Focus (Mac only) or Pawblock
  10. Use the Zapier Chrome extension and the Wildfire Chrome extension to automate browser tasks and workflows.
  11. Block time wasting and distracting apps on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows with the Freedom app.
  12. Save time by making websites load faster and reduce distractions by installing an ad blocker such as AdBlock Fast
  13. Save time by automating your email marketing campaigns using AWeber or Mailigen.
  14. Save time by generating leads faster (and more of them) with LeadsBridge marketing automation tool.
  15. Save loads of time on your social media efforts with an all-in-one social media management tool such as BuzzBundle, HootSuite, AgoraPulse or SproutSocial
  16. Use aText to speed up your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.
  17. Save loads of time with your press outreach efforts by using a press release company that will send out your press release for you. Good options for this purpose include 24-7 Press Release, PRWeb and eReleases.
  18. Speed up your keyword research using LongTailPro (to discover long tail keywords), SpyFu (to get your competitors most profitable keywords) and Keyword Planner (to discover new keywords).
  19. Save time by outsourcing some or all of your content creation to a writing service like WritingBunny
  20. Save time when producing digital presentations by using Wow Presentation a tool that allows you create presentations more quickly and without any design skills required.
  21. Save time when producing online forms by not coding them and instead using a form builder tool such as FormGet or Createform.
  22. Optimize team communication using the extremely popular, efficient and easy-to-use messaging platform Slack.
  23. Spend less time on accounting by using FreshBooks, easy to use accounting software that takes the work out of bookkeeping.
  24. Use CRM software such as Infusionsoft or Nutshell to streamline, organize and automate customer relations.
  25. If you use Wordpress, save design work time by not designing and coding a theme from scratch but instead using a professional ready made template like Thesis or Genesis. Bonus: these themes are optimized out of the box for on-page SEO.
  26. Streamline and automate customer support using helpdesk software such as Rhino Helpdesk, Freshdesk or Zendesk.
  27. Save time when comparing and seeking out the ideal angel investor or VC for your company by using the FundingSavvy database of 5000+ investors.
  28. Need a logo for your Startup? Save time from designing it in-house by outsourcing it to a professional firm such as Logo Garden or The Logo Company.
  29. Save time from coding your website from scratch and instead use a CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Drupal or PerfectoCMS.
  30. Save time from writing TOS, privacy policy pages and other legal documents by using ready-made templates from Docracy, Advobot, or Startup Documents.
  31. Streamline your hiring process and grow your team faster with ZipRecruiter and Recruitee.
  32. Reduce time writing sales emails, by using proven ready made templates from Art of Emails.
  33. Save time by outsourcing your graphic design to a professional firm such as DesignHill.
  34. Save time from coding landing pages and marketing funnels from scratch by using the funnel/landing page creation software WishPond.
  35. Save time from creating icons for your app or website by using professional stock icons, such as those available at IconBros, Stockio and IconShop
  36. Save time when creating infographics by using an infographic creation tool such as Piktochart or Infogram.

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