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Announcement: SiteLauncher for Google Chrome is Now Available

It's been a long time in the making, but it's here at last:

SiteLauncher for Google Chrome.

We hope you find it worth the wait!

Features & Benefits

  • Create keyboard shortcuts to websites you visit often.
  • Instant visual feedback from the Launcher panel means no need to actually memorize anything but the one hotkey: Ctrl + Space
  • Quickly create a shortcut to whatever page your on by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S
  • Easily import your existing shortcuts from the Firefox version of SiteLauncher
  • SiteLauncher shortcuts sync with your Google Bookmarks, so you can keep SiteLauncher with you all the time.
  • Single group hierarchy keeps bookmark management simple, and effective - avoiding excessively complex folder structures.
  • Launcher can be used exclusively with keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. When using one, you never need reach for the other.
  • Security and safety - no personal data collected - shortcuts are stored as regular Google bookmarks, not stored at remote location.
  • SiteLauncher is not tied down to any remote website or service - so you know it will always work.
  • Includes several built-in themes
  • It's 100% absolutely free!

Feedback & Support

We always love hearing feedback, please do let us know what you think. Did we get everything right? notice any bugs we missed? Please let us know!

We haven't setup the support pages yet, but you can open a ticket through the support system of the Firefox version (just remember to mention you are using the Chrome version), alternatively tweet @donesmart.

Our Thanks

Thanks to everyone who made it possible - whether you contributed code, ideas or even criticism - it's all been genuinely invaluable. Thank You!

Get SiteLauncher for Google Chrome


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