What's New

What's new in SiteLauncher 0.9.9

  • Optional Mouse Support-lots of people asked for this, how could we say no? Entirely optional so it won't get in the way of those that wish to stick to pure keyboard navigation.
  • Multi URL shortcuts-assign one key to open multiple URLs. To use this feature enter the sites you wish to open together separated by the | character. Example: dilbert.com|wetherobots.com|xkcd.com.
  • Assign custom icons to bookmarklets-a problem with bookmarklets (special javascript links) is they normally only have generic icons, in SiteLauncher you can now associate a site's 'favicon' with each bookmarklet to help distinguish them.
  • New menu access via Launcher-you can now access SiteLauncher's menu from the Launcher as an alternative to the Menubar. To do this just hit Tab when the Launcher is showing.
  • Case-sensitive shortcuts-SiteLauncher will now distinguish between upper and lower case keys. In the event that only a upper or lower case version of a key is set, it will fallback to case-insensitive mode.
  • More customization options-including option to disable icon reflections, and option to remove the 'Site Launcher' item from the Menubar.
  • Many other tweaks-many small improvements; several bug-fixes; lots of code refactoring.
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