New Release: SiteLauncher 2.1.0 for Firefox 4

Good things come to those who wait, as they say. And since you've waited more than long enough ;) we've got something especially good for you today: a brand-new SiteLauncher version for Firefox 4 that's faster, more polished, and all-round slicker than ever.

You can get the new version here

What's New

  • Optimized for even greater speed and performance
  • Default behavior is now for shortcuts to open next to current tab instead of at the end of the Tab-bar
  • Improved usability and layout of Manage Shortcuts pane
  • Ctrl + Space is now the default hotkey for Mac users as well as Win/Linux users
  • Added action to "Shortcut Current Page" to Launcher's Sub-menu*
  • Added new "Toolbar Button" option under More pane
  • All confirmed bugs fixed

Thanks to everyone who helped

As always, we couldn't have done it without the help of so many of you. I don't want to risk missing anyone out, so I'll just say thank you to the idea contributers, test voluneteers, translators, people who provided bug feedback, and everyone else who helped in any way. Thank you all!


Hi, any update on when you get FF5 support?

Firefox 5

Will this be updated for Firefox 5? Mozilla forced the upgrade from 4 and broke Site Launcher in the process.

Firefox 5.0

it's Not workd in FF5.0
Please Fix it. I even can't export my list :(

Any word on when this add-on

Any word on when this add-on will be updated for Firefox 5?

A must have addon for Firefox. Please update.

Your addon is one of the few "MUST" have's for my firefox. Do you plan to update it for Firefox 5? Please? :)

Firefox 5

It seems that Firefox 5, released June 2011, is incompatible with Site Launcher 2.1.0. Please make an update soon! In the meantime, how can I find the URLs that I built key-commands for?

Firefox 5

Please blog soon and let us know when a version for Firefox 5 might be available ... pleeease


Devastated to see that Firefox's latest update has once again killed off Site Launcher, which is by far and away the best thing that's ever happened to my browser. Fingers crossed you manage to pull off yet another upgrade sometime soon!

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