New SiteLauncher (for Firefox) Release - New Languages

SiteLauncher 1.6.3 is now available—a small update, the main purpose of which is to add French and Chinese support, and fix a few minor issues.

Special thanks to Bastien Martin, bootleq, and rainofchaos for providing French, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified) translations, respectively. Thanks as well to everyone who provided feedback and ideas since the last release, SiteLauncher wouldn't be nearly as good without you!

Google Chrome

What's about Chrome now?

Icon on tool bar

OK but with the new version, we can't put the icon on toolbar...
I'm sad


Stick with Firefox

If you do a Chrome version, please don't give up us on Firefox version. I know Chrome is the new "it" browser, but a majority of us (myself included) still prefer Firefox.

Thanks for the great add-on :)

Re: Chrome version

@Anthony: Yes, we are working on a Chrome version.

When SiteLauncher becomes available for Chrome, it will be announced on our blog and Twitter feed.

Chrome version?

Thanks for the great extension. It's my favorite!

I still use Firefox, but do more and more of my work in Chrome, any chance of making a SiteLauncher for Chrome?

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