New Release: SiteLauncher 1.5.0 Alpha 1

This is an Alpha release. Not all the planned features for version 1.5.0 have added yet, but there is still plenty of improvements and new stuff to try out.

Get SiteLauncher 1.5.0a1.

What's New

  • Choose icon size—to benefit those with different vision requirements, it's now possible to choose the size icons appear in the Launcher.
  • Smart icon sharpening—because bookmark icons provided by websites are usually 16x16 pixels in size, if you set icon sizes to appear large, SiteLauncher will use an "unsharp mask" filter to upscale icons without making them blurry. Thanks to Jacob Seidelin for making this possible by distributing his awesome Pixastic library under the MIT license.
  • For mouse users: keys optional—a number of you have let us know you prefer to launch shortcuts exclusively with the mouse, with this in mind, assigning a key to each shortcut is no longer mandatory.
  • Lots of small enhancements—including visual and usability improvements, and a number of minor bug fixes.


Thanks to everyone for helping shape this release by providing feedback and suggestions—we're most grateful!

I would like to thank you for

I would like to thank you for script to Firegestures. I think this Add-On is much better than Speed Dial from Opera.

feature request

Thank you so much for a great application.

I posted this on the Firefox Add-ons (SiteLauncher) website, but perhaps it's better if I write to you directly.

I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to do this. If you could come up with an option or a script that would open the SiteLauncher window using only the mouse
(via the "Firegestures" application, for example), that would be very helpful for us, mouse-users.

Again, thanks.



Very nice job on SiteLauncher.

Would it be possible to add bookmarklet support? I have BMs that I use to change the colors of the Current page. If I invoke them with SL, by use of a bookmark shortcut key, they go into a new window and come up useless.

Basically I think there would have to be a new tab override, so the BM functions in the current window.



Glad you like SiteLauncher, and thanks for the many suggestions.

I think your shortcut/grouping idea is a good one. I'm not 100% sure that's the direction we'll be taking SiteLauncher, but it is definitely something we'll be putting consideration to.

Thanks for making me aware of the issue with lower resolutions, we've started work on addressing this issue for the next release.

Concerning the conflict with the NoScript shortcut, if you go to SiteLauncher -> Options -> Advanced Tweaks you'll find an option to change the "Shortcut this page" shortcut to a different key.

Thanks again,

Grouping and other stuff

A few suggestions if I may:

The grouping feature is good but would it be possible to have an option of 2 Key press, 1st Key goes to the group, 2nd Key the address
Lets say I have a group called Fun and I can set a shortcut key for Fun = f
Within this group I have
YouTube = y
Gizmodo = g
Ctrl + Space then f launches Site Launcher and hi-lights the group Fun or just shows the group Fun
I then press the y Key to go to YouTube

Also I have a group called Mail and I can set a shortcut key for Mail = m
Within this group I have
Yahoo Mail = y
gMail = g
Ctrl + Space then m launches Site Launcher and hi-lights the group Mail or just shows the group Mail
I then press the y Key to go to Yahoo Mail

I think this would be an easy way to remember shortcuts, well for me anyway ;)

Also, I have an Acer Aspire One 9" Notebook and the Site Launcher Options screen is a little too big. I have to drag the screen up to click the ok button.
I know I could have the Windows TaskBar 'AutoHide' but I find this feature distracting and annoying.
This is only a minor inconvenience but since these smaller screen Notebooks are getting very popular I feel I should mention it.

And lastly, I also use the FF AddOn, NoScript.
The Site Launcher keyboard shortcut for 'Shortcut This Page' = Ctrl+Shift+s brings up the NoScript context menu.
I have checked NoScript and can't see why it would so it is probably a NoScript issue and I will mention it there if you agree it is a NoScript issue

Thanks again for this great AddOn :)

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