SiteLauncher 1.3.5 Beta Released

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New Features

  • Grouping of shortcuts—if you want to make use of lots of shortcuts (more than a dozen or so), you can now arrange them into labeled groups to make them appear in a more organized fashion inside the Launcher panel. Turn this feature on from within Site Launcher -> Manage Shortcuts -> More.
  • Import/Export—it's now possible to import and export your shortcuts. Useful for backing up and transferring between profiles.
  • Improved Shortcuts Management—the shortcut management interface has undergone a number of improvements, including the much needed ability to arrange the order of shortcuts using drag and drop.
  • Advanced Tweaks—an advanced options pane has been added to SiteLauncher -> Options. Currently it includes the option to disable the Direct-to-site hotkey, remove the SiteLauncher item from the menu bar, and the ability to change the Shortcut this page shortcut.
  • Lots of small enhancements, including visual and usability improvements, and a number of minor bug fixes.


Thanks to the many people who provided feedback based on prior versions, it played a big part in shaping this version. We didn't have enough time to include all the great suggestions in this version, but rest assured they are not forgotten.

As always, would love to hear any feedback. Is everything an improvement? Do you find the new grouping feature useful? What would you have liked to seen in this release?


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you find SiteLauncher useful.

The reason for upsizing the icons was because we felt 16x16 a bit small for today's screen resolutions, as you've noted the downside is the icons appear slightly blurry. We will be adding an option to pick the icon size in the next major release.

Concerning the rounded edges on Linux systems, we are aware of this issue but as yet haven't been able to find a solution.

Thanks again for the feedback,
David Morrison

Hello David, Thanks for this

Hello David,

Thanks for this extension, it's very useful for me...

I have two questions:

About resolution of icons:

The favicon size is 16x16px but the SiteLauncher is redimensioning it to 20x30px (20x20px of icon and 10px for reflection effect).
This make the icon "blurry". I don't understand why 20x20px... I changed here in to 16x24px into the source code and works fine.

Second question is about Linux:

I'm user of Debian and the rounded corner isn't working perfect. I see rounded corner but without alias...
I can't found what caused this issue. Can you check?

Again, thanks for this extension... I'm waiting your reply.


G. Sobrinho

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