New Release: SiteLauncher 1.0.5 Beta for Google Chrome

SiteLauncher 1.0.5 Beta for Google Chrome is now available.

SiteLauncher 1.0.5 Beta

What's New

  • Overall improved look and feel
  • New alternative Launcher "layout" - floats over center of page instead of anchored to top.
  • New option added to make shortcuts open in a new tab
  • Different icon for bookmarklets (Javascript links) to distinguish them from regular bookmarks
  • Six new Launcher themes to pick from
  • New and nicer looking toolbar icon
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Many small enhancements
  • Several minor bug fixes


As always, big thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and feedback—SiteLauncher wouldn't be nearly as good without you! Big thanks as well to everyone helping spread the word—the more people using SiteLauncher the more incentive there is to keep making it better and better.


Get SiteLauncher 1.0.5 Beta for Google Chrome.

Multiple Urls

Multiple URLS don't work in Chrome (unless the syntax has changed.

Very slick

Wow, very slick. Even better than the Firefox version!

Been reliant on SiteLauncher Firefox for years, not having a Chrome version was the one thing stopping me from switching. Now I can.

Thank you :)

Please make it possible to

Please make it possible to change the site-launcher shortcut (CTRL - SPACE).

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