New and Improved Support

We are very excited with the growing number of people who are choosing to make use of SiteLauncher.

As happy as we are with this growth, it has caused us to struggle keeping up with the increasing number of support requests.

Sorry to those still waiting for a response to their message, we haven't forgotten you...

We aim to respond to all queries in a timely fashion, but the ad-hoc contact form solution we had in place made it difficult to keep track of every conversation. Therefore, I'm glad to announce we've upgraded the support system to a proper "ticket system" and added more content to the help pages.

Link to new support home page.

We believe these changes should streamline things significantly—please let us know what you think.

Application launcher akin to site launcher


can we have an application launcher similar to site launcher?

Here is a rough implementation

An application launcher with site-launcher like UI using only NUMPAD keys, can be quite handy and a great value add.


It's nice to see a company

It's nice to see a company that recognizes that solid support is a important part of a positive user experience.

Thank you for such a nifty extension. Looking forward to the next release :)

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