10 Reasons Why You Should Download SL (SiteLauncher) for Firefox Desktop

First Launched in 2009; SL (SiteLauncher)—a software add-on for Firefox—is the flagship free product of my company, DoneSmart.com. Here are 10 reasons why you should download and use SiteLauncher for Firefox Desktop:

Site Launcher Speed Dial Panel
    1. Because you will save tons of time when surfing the web and find your browsing experience more fluid
    2. Because more time saved means more money (if you work online and paid based on performance), you can now afford to spend more on yourself; like a gift for yourself from Amazon or a holiday for yourself from Booking.com
    3. Because SiteLauncher has featured on the World's most broadcast news channel, BBC News, and featured twice! Click here to watch the clip of the first time SiteLauncher was on BBC NEWS
    4. Because SiteLauncher is brought to you by the makers of 986sl—a diabolical new video game whose makers including the lead programmer of Direct X, Oliver Stieber.
    5. Because SiteLauncher has featured on LifeHacker—the leading authority on ways to save time and be more efficient by "lifehacking"
    6. Because SiteLauncher is fun to use and makes your browser flow visually more stylish and you can apply custom visual styles to your "Launcher"
    7. Because SiteLauncher gives you a way to organize your (online-)life by prioritizing your most useful website destinations by giving them keyboard shortcuts and a hotkey driven speed-dial "Launcher" panel
    8. Because SiteLauncher also helps you remember and quickly-access which sites matter to you instead of having the browser decide for you
    9. Because SiteLauncher has some cool intro videos like this one
    10. Because SiteLauncher is free and always will be. We are supported mostly by donations

    That's it! 10 reasons why you should download SiteLauncher now

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