SiteLauncher 1.5.0 Beta Released

SiteLauncher 1.5.0 Beta is now available.

Changes since version 1.3.5:

  • Choose icon size—to benefit those with different vision requirements, it's now possible to choose the size icons appear in the Launcher.
  • Smart icon sharpening—because bookmark icons provided by websites are usually 16x16 pixels in size, if you set icon sizes to appear large, SiteLauncher will use an "unsharp mask" filter to upscale icons without making them blurry. Thanks to Jacob Seidelin for making this possible by distributing his awesome Pixastic library under the MIT license.
  • Quickly cancel Launcher with same hotkey—Launcher hotkey can now also be used to cancel the Launcher after is has been brought forward
  • For mouse users: keys optional—a number of you have let us know you prefer to launch shortcuts exclusively with the mouse, with this in mind, assigning a key to each shortcut is no longer mandatory.
  • Option to distinguish between Alt and Alt-Gr if used as part of hotkey—gives users—who have the special Alt-Gr key on their keyboard—more options for assigning the Launcher and Direct-to-Site hotkey
  • Now picks up 100% of bookmark icons—SiteLauncher can now download icons from websites that use the standardized and W3C recommended method of serving "favicons".
  • Improved appearance and usability of Shortcut Management interface.
  • "Shortcut this link" item added to context menu
  • Lots more small enhancements and a number of minor bug fixes.


Special thanks to everyone who provided feedback and feature suggestions. Please feel free to keep them coming.

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