— 986 SL —

A new style of PC Game

Lead Developers : David of DoneSmart.com and Oliver Stieber of Direct X fame and formerly of Microsoft and Google


In 986 SL you play an intelligent 24 year old girl named Amy. Amy is seeking the truth of our existence—a search that blurs the lines between reality and fiction and hints at a real and complex conspiracy of unspeakable proportions. A sky-rocket crashing narrative that goes from pop art and classic literature to murder and absolute mayhem at a blink before finally hitting the diabolical double-twist ending+

Download demo/teaser (part 1)

Requires : Windows PC with .Net Framework installed

Launch Date : Sept 2018

If you pre-order 986 SL Now for $9.99 you receive end-credits name inclusion as an early "contributor"

Pre-orders help fund the development of the game, therefore those that pre-order get an "initial contributors" title in the game's end-credits. Pre-orders are non-refundable even in the event of the game missing its launch date, please don't order if you are unhappy with this.

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